Corporate Clothes

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Impact Brand Solutions provides corporate clothing and corporate gifts in South Africa covering the gifting demands of many different corporations requiring corporate clothing and gifts in Johannesburg as well as satisfying the needs of many corporations for corporate clothing and gifts in Cape Town.We have many corporate gifts ideas such as a gift basket made up exactly to the respective corporation’s requirements.

Corporate Gifts

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We supply the full range of BARRON Clothing & Gifts from Kevro – BARRON is both the largest and leading Corporate and Promotional brand in Africa.We also supply the complete range of Corporate Gifts and Clothing from AMROD with Brands such as Slazenger, US Basic, Gary Player Collection, Adidas, Canterbury and much more – AMROD has Africa’s leading collection of Gifts, Clothing & Caps.Thirdly we supply the full product range from Altitude with brands such as Under Armour, Birdi, Chefworks, Flexfit, Drimac, Moleskin, SA Rugby, Holbay & Lexon.All our products can be Custom Branded.

Good Branding Makes Happy Clients

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Pursuit of Happiness

How is someone made happy? Happiness is often considered a mental choice for a lot of people, but the truth, at least according to the scientists, is that happiness has a lot to do with memory. The ability to memorize objects, pictures, music, colours and smells is often associated with certain feelings. So if someone was experiencing an increased amount of dopamine while looking at a particular object, or *hint hint* a brand, then the person is likely to get little butterflies in their stomachs whenever they see those objects again. If this cycle is repeated then you will have someone feeling elated when in the presence of that object every time, all the time.

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